1) Entitlement for active and passive membership:

a. All current (full and part time) employees working on the Dow Horgen site.
b. All current employees of any Swiss based Dow subsidiary or affiliate.
c. Retirees of those companies described in a. where the retiree personally worked on the Horgen site for more than 2 years.

2) Entitlement for active membership also includes:

Spouses, partners, children of all employees in a. to c. above provided that the employee is a member of the tennis club.
(for example if the spouse and children want to be active playing members and the employee self is not playing tennis then the employee still needs to apply for passive membership).


Membership Fees for 2015

SFr.       Member Category
250.–    Active member (working on the Dow site in Horgen)
200.–    Family members/partners older than 18 years & retirees
100.–    Juniors, 13 to 18 years of age
50.–       Juniors up to the age of 12 (born 2002)
50.–      Passive member (if your partner and/or children want to play – junior tennis camp, ladies morning, tennis lessons, etc. – but you do not play yourself, you must become a passive member)
550.–     Family Fee

  • Existing members will receive the payment slips before April 15.

Please remember to pay the membership fee latest on May 31st.

A 15CHF voucher will be given for early payments received before April 30th.

  • New members: If you are interested in joining the Dow Tennis Club this year, please fill out the online Application Form.

We look forward to welcoming also new Tennis Players to the Club!!! Please help us promoting the Tennis Club…

  • Resignations: If you or any of your family members want to resign from the Dow Tennis Club please fill in the online resignation form before May 1st. Susanne Trost will confirm your resignation.
  • Resignations after May 1st will no longer be accepted and the full membership fee needs to be paid.