Court Reservation Rules

Reservation Rules

Court reservations shall be made through the GotCourts online reservation system. If a member does not have Internet connectivity reservations can still be made over the phone by calling the Reception on Ext.: 2617.

After 17.00 hrs the reservation sheet is posted in the Clubhouse.


Mondays to Fridays, reservations can be made from 07.30 am onwards for the same day and the coming 30 days.

On Saturdays and Sundays courts 3 and 4 are available on a “first come – first served” basis. The reservation can only be made in the Clubhouse, by you personally, for the next available hour and court. The intent of this rule is to allow members to book a court on short notice, i.e. while visiting the Clubhouse and/or swimming pool. However, after booking a court, you are expected to stay on the premises until you are due to play.
It is only possible to make advance booking of one tennis hour (= 45 minutes) for the same day. Members who have played over lunch can book again but only play after 18h30 on the same day. The name of both players must be registered in ink. If courts are not occupied within 10 minutes you forfeit your booking. Court booking is allowed for the whole month in advance, also for TC members who are not playing in the league.
On weekends and public holidays, only courts 1 & 2 can be reserved in advance as usual. If you realize later you will not be using this reservation, please do your best to cancel in time, either via friends or players preceding you or call the Clubhouse (when open), phone 044 728 23 24. Courts 3 and 4 are available on a first come – first served basis on weekends and public holidays and can only be reserved in person on the spot. You book your name and your partner’s for the first available hour only.

For official club tournament games, (i.e. President’s Cup) courts may be booked for two consecutive periods (1 1/2 hours). If the match is not finished after the two periods, and other members are booked to play, you have to leave the court and complete the match later. For ranking list games (only 45 minutes reserved), please refer to separate ranking rules. Booking of these courts is allowed up to two weeks in advance.



For Dow site employees only 6.30 – 8.00 h

For Dow site employees’ spouses/ retirees only 08.00 – 11.30 h

For Dow site employees only 11.30 – 13.45 (3 slots: 11:30-12:15 / 12:15-13:00 / 13:00-13:45)

For Dow site employees’ family members (i.e. spouses, juniors and retirees) 14.00 – 17.00 h

For Dow site employees only 17.00 – 21.30 h

For Dow site employees, their family members Saturdays / Sundays & Public Holidays. All day for Dow site employees and their family members


Note: court maintenance may be required on hot days