Swiss Tennis Association (STV) Licenses for 2015

For players who not yet have a license and which to have please see the following information.

Who needs an STV license?

To participate in the Inter-Company matches and/or other tournaments, sponsored by the Swiss Tennis Association (e.g. Zürich See-Championships), one needs a license.

With the STV license you will also receive an official computer ranking.

N.B. participation in DOW internal tournaments such as the President’s Cup or our monthly league does not require a license.

What does an STV license cost?

The annual fee is 70 SFr. For Juniors 40 SFr.

What about the Inter-company championship (IC)?

As in previous years we hope to be able to register both men’s and ladies’ teams that will represent Dow in the Inter-Company Championships this season. As in the past season we plan to have 2 men’s team and 2 ladies’ teams participating.

Each team has to play 4 to 5 matches which normally take place on Saturday mornings during May/June. If you are interested please let us know by completing the slip for the license and ticking the Inter-company box.

What do I have to do to receive an STV license

Contact: Susanne Trost (by email or internal mail)

e-mail: strost at

Tel: 044 728 32 13

Antrag für Lizenz 2015

Swiss Tennis Association license