President’s Cup

Dear President’s Cup tennis players,


First of all, thank you very much for participating in the Dow Tennis Club yearly tournament.

You will see it with the draw spreadsheet attached, that there are a lot of players for singles and even more of the double teams. Once again this year, we can expect very interesting and challenging matches.

As at the beginning, we have a lot of matches to be played, the schedule will be a bit tight. But, I relay on all the players to stick to deadlines to be ready for the finals on September 12th .

Last year everything went fine and everybody was very disciplined to play all the matches on time.

I would like to share with you the deadlines per category over the season:


2015 Deadlines 1st round 2nd round Quarter final Semi final Final
Ladies Single June 15th July 31st August 31st Sept 12th
Men Single May 31st June 30th July 31st August 31st Sept 12th
Ladies Doubles July 15st August 31st Sept 12th
Men Double June 15th July 31st August 31st Sept 12th
Mixed Double June 15th July 31st August 31st Sept 12th


Once you have played the match, I will kindly ask you the communicate me the result so that you can update the Swiss Tennis website accordingly.

I leave you “discover” the result of the draw.

And I wish you to enjoy this competition and to play very good matches.

All the best to all the participants.


Kind regards



PC Mens Doubles Draw 2015 PC Mixed Doubles Draw 2015 PC Ladies Singles Draw 2015 PC Ladies Doubles Draw 2015 PC Mens Singles Draw 2015
















































































































































Results of 2014 President’s Cup


Dow PC 2014 Ladies single Finals

Dow PC 2014 Men single Finals

Dow PC 2014 Ladies double Finals

Dow PC 2014 Men double Finals

Dow PC 2014 Double Mixed Finals


2014 President’s cup finalists will be the following ones :


Ladies Single :    Carmen Floristan vs Mandy Osterloh

Men Single :      Thomas Reutter vs Giorgio Tuberga or Wyn Davies (the semi final will be played this week)

Ladies Double : Carmen Floristan/Karin Hanic vs Mandy Osterloh/Isabel Endres

Men Double :    Murat Orhon/Jon Budd vs Wyn Davies/Vincent Lacoste

Mixed Double : Carmen Floristan/Giorgio Tuberga vs Murat Orhon/ Catherine Erbin


Juniors Categories :

Girls Singles  :    Rachele Tuberga vs Alejandra Richard

Mixed Doubles : Rachele Tuberga/Alp Orhon vs Alejandra Richard/Adam Jones

Girls Doubles :   Rachele Tuberga/Packing Strack vs Alejandra Richard/Sofia Roane










































Dear tennis players,

This is the annual “call” for the President’s cup tournament which will start in May. The draw is planned to be on the May 1st.

As announced in the AGM minutes of April 2014, the Dow President’s Cup tournament will be registered with Swiss Tennis. This means that all the matches between players having a Swiss Tennis license, will count for the official Swiss ranking.

However, the tournament is open to every Dow Tennis members (with or without a Swiss Tennis license).


In the Swiss Tennis, the tournament has the following number (tournament # 91115) and can be accessed through the link below : or use the page below and look for tournament/Turnier 91115


The date of the finals will be Sept 20th, 2014.


Similar to last year, the committee has decided to maintain the rules regarding double teams. You are not allowed to play with the same doubles partners that you had in 2012 and 2013!


So you can already subscribe for the various categories:


Singles ladies

Singles men

Doubles ladies

Doubles men

Mixed doubles


To do so, just send me an e-mail or call me, specifying the category in which you want to play.


For those, who wants to play double, but do not have a partner yet, please let me know. I will do my best to find someone who is alone and who can play with you. The lack of partner for the moment should not prevent you from enrolling in double categories !


You will have until April 18th, to sign up for the PC.





Juniors’ Tournament :


I would like to also give you a heads-up on the Juniors President’s Cup tournament. As last year, the finals were played on the same day as the adults finals and this was very much appreciated by the young finalists and the parents, we will keep it that way also in 2014.

More to come on this topic. Stayed tuned



Look for tournament # 91115


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President Cup 2013 – Results